® Wheel cover 4pcs/set color box pack


Autopure Wheel Cover Installation



Please note the installation in our web page yellow pictures

    Fit the steel ring into the plastic clips aligning the
    kink for the tire valve with that in the wheel cover

    Adjusting steel ring with push/bend the welding points,
    press the wheel cover on to the wheel against to the tire valve
    first then applying pressure gently around the edge

    For a better installation: recommend to use a long flat screwdriver
    or tool to press in the out coming retention legs

    Warning! Don't just squeeze hubcap into wheel, it will cause an incorrect
    installation, will bend and break retention legs
Re-install Autopure Capads1 on the steel wheel:
Please recover bended wire ring back to it's original proper circle before you re-install Autopure, Capads1 (once it was taken out from wheel, you have to recover wire ring proper circle, for anew put on wheel.)


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