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®  Slimline wheel cover manufacturer since 1982

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Unbreakable Wheel Cover

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USA PATENT NO.5,539,146

Dense pack - nested style EurolinE® wheel cover container load:

1x20'ft  13" 2204~2223 sets  14" 1792~1806 sets

15" 1577~1590 sets

1x40'HQ 13" 4885~4927 sets  14" 3972~4004 sets

15" 3496~3524 sets


With chrome nuts decoration Without chrome nuts decoration NEW OUTER RIM CLIP ON RETENTION
Slimline™ COLOR BOX PACK Slimline™ 4 pcs/set COLOR BOX 9753/9754/9755  color box pack 9763/9764/9765 Plain Brown Box Pack Primary / Virgin Material

SlimLine™ Installation
1. The last two numbers on your tire will indicate proper wheel cover size (12",13",14", 15", 16" and 17"). See Fig. 1      Example: A tire with a size code of 15 inch uses a 15 inch wheel cover
2. Remove used wheel cover (hubcap) from wheel rim.
Ensure the mounting-clips are seated firmly within the wheel cover blocks. See Fig. 2

3. Position the new wheel cover on wheel rim and guide the tire valve stem
through a slot in the wheel cover. Make sure all the wheel cover mounting-clips (4 or 5 clips) fit over the wheel rim. See Fig. 3

4. Holding the wheel cover firmly in place, locate the mounting-clips of the wheel cover. Use the rubber mallet to tap the outer edge of the wheel cover mounting-clip until it is seated firmly against the wheel rim. See Fig. 4
5. Repeat step 4. for each wheel cover mounting-clip until all the mounting-clips are seated firmly against the wheel rim.
6. Use the tack puller or the slotted screwdriver to pry free each mounting clip from the wheel rim. See Fig. 5


EurolinE® slimline™ wheel cover installation:

1. Remove old wheel cover from wheel rim.

2. Position the new wheel cover on the wheel rim, aligning the value cap.

         Make sure all clips fit over the wheel rim edge.

3. Holding the wheel cover firmly in place tap outer edge gently with your hand or a

         rubber mallet at clip locations to push the wheel cover onto the wheel rim.

         Continue until the wheel cover is seated completely on the rim.    PAT NO. M295046


      To remove the wheel cover, place a tack puller screwdriver (EU6400) or a flathead screwdriver under the retaining clip and pry away from the wheel rim as the arrow suggests on the clip, "in an upwards direction". It is important that you do this on all four/five clips to remove the wheel cover.

1. Identify your wheel size and determine correct wheel cover size.
2. If you have replaced the original factory wheels with aftermarket wheels your
    wheel cover size may differ from our application.
3. Warning! Do not pull to remove cover, use a flat screwdriver to unclip the retainer clips
    Caution: Use safety glasses for eye protection when installing or removing wheel covers.


ABS+  ( New Structure & Unbreakable Material )



Metallic Silver or White Polyurethane durable O.E.M. painting system finish
Withstands High Braking Temperatures, IZOD Impact Strength 45 kg-cm/cm
Heat Distortion Temperature 210oC  Temperature Resistance: -40oC ~ 160oC
Chrome Finish Covering All Applications
eco CHROME / Green CHROME (Not Aluminum Sputtered)
Light Weight, Size Covering 12"~16"

Mr. Slim™

Autopure®   HS code: 8708.99.90.00-2

              EXTRA SIZE HUBCAP-WHEEL COVER 12"=13.50", 13"=14.60", 14"=15.60" ,15"=16.60", 16"=17.48"  and 17"=18.98" LOOK


9554/9555/9556 9563/9564 9573N/74N/75N 9573/9574/9575
14"/15"/16" 13"/14" 13"/14"/15" 13"/14"/15"



9594/9595 9703N/04N/05N/06N
13"/14"/15" 13'/14"/15" 14"/15" 13"/14"/15"/16"


9713/9714/9715 9723/9724/9725 9733/9734/9735
13"/14"/15"/16" 13"/14"/15" 13"/14"/15" 13"/14"/15"
9753/9754/9755 9763/9764/9765 9773/9774/9775 9903/9904/9905
13"/14"/15" 13"/14"/15" 13"/14"/15" 13"/14"/15"
9913/9914 9933/9934 2003/2004 2013/2014
13"/14" 13"/14" 13"/14" 13"/14"
    XJ CenterCap License Frame
    JAG6500 JAG6501 110-120-520


EurolinE® Wheel Cover  Traditional Wheel Cover  Spinner wheel/Hubcap

Steel Wheel-Replica  Spinner Wheel
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