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Spinning hubcap set pack

Spinning rotating spinner wheel cover

Spinning Wheel Cover thief deterrent lock set

hubcap spinner cable lock guide


Use the key provided in the package to unscrew one of the four cap screws on the back of the hubcap spinner - the logo of the spinner should be facing upward and the cap screw pointing towards the ground when installing the locks. This is to prevent any parts from moving when the cap screw is loosened.
Place the smaller hoop of the wire lock onto that cap screw and tighten it back again.
Unscrew one of the lug nuts on your wheel and insert the larger hoop of the lock through the bolt on the wheel. Tighten the lug nut back onto the wheel to the manufacturer's specification.



Use the wire locks at your own risk. The locks will not prevent thief of your hubcap spinners.

It is thief deterrent system not an anti-thief device. Autopure - MxMotorsports is not responsible for any damage,

injuries or properties lose to you or any other person caused by this wire lock system


Style & Structure Worldwide patent pending

USA10/768,116   MIT Style Patent No. D100105

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For a better installation: recommend to use a long flat screwdriver or tool to press in the out coming retention legs

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