Taiwan White®

Round 30W LED Down Light - Ceiling Light T29 Replacement

5W 12W 15W 18W 23W

TAIWAN WHITE- cooler than fantasy


In Taiwan we have been marketing the program of LED lights
under the brand name Taiwan White. The program offers to final users the complete
program of products for personal and building (factory, warehouse and house).

LED T29 Circle Light Circle Ceiling Light Circle Down Light Replacement Total Solution.


Traditional T29Light + T9 Circle Tube Remove T29 Ceiling Light Cover Turn OFF The Power First While Changing The Light Dismantle T9 Circle Tube
Remove Transformer-Starter And Clean Light Base Install TaiwanWhite T29 Light Board And Re-install Light Cover Bracket Turn ON Light Reduce Energy And Save Money

環型圓型T29管燈 日光燈點燈管 整流器安定器說再見

Walt 5W 12W 15W 18W 23W
O.D.xI.D. mm 88x53 140x90 195x145 250x200 250X200
FIT BASE Dia. 18cm 26cm 32cm 38cm 38cm
SMD 5630 5630 5630 5630 5630
SMD No. 10 24 30 36 46
COOL WHITE 6000K 6000K 6000K 6000K 6000K
Lumen/W 41-52Lm 41-52Lm 41-52Lm 41-52Lm 41-52Lm
Lumen 850Lm 850Lm 1550Lm 1900Lm 1900Lm
WEIGHT 0.10KG 0.13KG 0.16KG 0.22KG 0.22KG
Lighting Area 3-5 5-8 8-15 10-25 10-25


Item Watt Size Lamp Iron Base Plate Lm/W Lumen Warm White Cool White
T29088053 5W 88X53 18cm 41-52 850Lm 3000K  6000K
T29140090 12W 140X90 26cm 41-52 850Lm 3000K  6000K
T29195145 15W 195X145 32cm 41-52 1550Lm 3000K  6000K
T29250200 18W 250X200 38cm 41-52 1900Lm 3000K  6000K
T29250201 23W 250X200 38cm 41-52 1900Lm 3000K  6000K




Taiwan White® LED Lighting Fixtures。
TaiwanWhite® Energy-saving And Environment Friendly。
Low Power Consumption. Energy Saving Than Traditional Light。
No UV or IR Radiation, No Lead, No Mercury And 
    No Chemical Material In The Light。

Safe And Easy Assemble。
Suitable For Home, Stage, Office, Building, Supermarket, 
    Emporiums, Hotel, Restaurants, Showroom, Club, Store, 
    Art Galleries, Exhibition Hall etc。

Operating Temperature -20ºC~40ºC。
Storage Temperature -40ºC~80ºC。
Long lasting:
LED lights can last up to
40,000 hrs. - that's over a 10 year life cycle!
( based on 10 hrs. average usage per day / 7 days a week)

A 12W round TaiwanWhite T29 replacement light board lasts 10 times longer than a 30W standard incandescent.

A 12W round TaiwanWhite T29 replacement LED light power consumption 9.50W per hour, traditional T29 Round tube light power consumption 36W (30W T29 tube light + 6W transformer) average, replace each TaiwanWhite T29 light board energy savings 26W = 
US$28 annually per light.

Environmentally Friendly:
LED lights are great for the environment because they last 10 times longer than regular bulbs.
That means replacing your bulbs less frequently and less bulbs in landfills.
Save money and reduce energy usage from the electrical grid.
LED lights neither include mercury nor ultraviolet radiation.
LED lights also reduces C02 emission output.
LED Type SMD5630/SMD5730
Color Temperature
5500~6500K (White)
2800~3500K (Yellow Warm-White)
Size OD ø140 x ID ø90
Iron Base Plate  < ø280mm
Input voltage 85~265VAC
Power Consumption 12 Watt
Unit Weight 120gm
Illumination Angle 120º
Color Rendering Index CRI (Ra>) >90
Life Time Up to 40,000 hours at 25°C
Housing Aluminum
1. Indoor used only. Protect the LED light from high temperature and 
    heavy humidity.
2. Unsuitable for endorsed fixture and for use on dimmable lighting fixture.
3. Turn OFF the power first while changing the light.


At the moment we have been marketing Taiwan White in Taiwan and 
adjusted product web to a broad spectrum of
markets, which differ in development level and legislative regulations
and is composed of the following groups of products:

● Water borne base paint
● Taiwan White Heat-resistant Water Base Paint
● Taiwan White Temperature Resistant water paint
● Taiwan White Non Primer Heat-Resistant Paint
● Taiwan White Unique High-Temperature Paint
● Taiwan White Stone Alike Paint
● Taiwan White Car Wash、Gloss Shine、Alum Brite and Tire Wet
● Taiwan White eco Green Chrome Paint
● Taiwan White LED Lights

As we place a large share of sales Taiwan White LED lights program into Taiwan market in the year 2009. 
In our company we follow development trends and supplement
sales program with green paints to strengthen environmental protection and
rational use of resources products, recently we have been developing Aluminum Based PCB with
SMD5630 chips for new LED lights.

We devote much attention to training and qualification of varnishers and buyers,
performed by our technicians and technicians of our general representatives.
Both make use of our own production line in Tainan, Taiwan.

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TaiwanWhiteXX    TaiwanWhiteT19


Fishing Lights 80000Lm  TaiwanWhiteT19  
TaiwanWhiteXX  TaiwanWhiteT29  
TaiwanWhiteT29-1  TaiwanWahiteT3  E27 COB 
TaiwanWhiteT3  TaiwanWhiteT3C 
WhiteWall-TireWhite  SolarFanForMetalSheetPlant  


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