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Taiwan White®

Round 9W 10W 12W COB LED Bulb - T3 Bulb Replacement


TaiwanWhite® Non Metallic Material Heat Sink;
More surface area for heat dissipation .
Lightweight material / Flexible structure design .
Efficient production by injection molding .
Heat deflection temperature: more than 270 °C 
Flame Retardant: UL94 V-0
White color, Insulation UL94 – Vo @ 3.2mm, K=1.3 W/mK

We use thermal conductive engineering plastic to designing plastic heat sink for a excellent heat dissipation. It enables higher productivity attributing to a lower cost product compare to aluminum.
Optimized heat sink structure long product lifetime

To replace aluminum die cast and extrusion .
Reduction of process waste .
Reduction of energy consumption .
Regrind reclaim rate of up to 30%
Environmental friendly compliance with RoHS REACH
Weight reduction of up to 40%
Integrated flexibility .
Excellent cosmetic aesthetics .
Enhanced processing capabilities .
Excellent Price Performance ratio .
Insulate Specification conform with 5KV breakdown test .
Non-Halogen Flame Retardant Grade, Flammability UL94-V0 UL94-V2
UL approved V0 and V2
Providing technical advice for a workable business solution
Halogenated Flame Retardant Grade REACH & RoHS compliant



#130110 10W #130209 9W
LED COB  5W10W12W15W20W30W Bulb - Near Nature
#131912 12W

COB, Multi Chips on board, is a technology of LED packaging for LED light engine. Besides greatly reduce thermal resistance for better conductivity, COB LED module can get good light effect and high light efficacy. Best reading light, good for eye.

COB Ceramic use ceramic board of high thermal conductivity, which makes COB ceramic achieves 18W/m.k coductivity compared with COB aluminium 1-3W/m.k. Besides, Ceramic is insulating to get more safety.

Color Rendering Index (CRI) is a measure of a light source's ability to show object colors "realistically" or "naturally" compared to daylight. Normally, the higher CRI, the lower Lumens.

COB LED standard CRI: Warm 60-65 Cool 70-75 100-130Lm/W
COB LED High CRI: Warm 80-95 Cool 80-100Lm/W

LED Chip Is Fixed On Aluminium Layer Of Aluminium Base PCB. 
  The Heat From Chip Can Be Spread Out Through 
  Aluminium Layer Rapidly.
Low Lighting Decay, Decay Less Than 1% After 2000 Hours
Equable And Soft Irradiancy , No Flickering Light And Eye Protection.
Good Reliability, No Dead Bulb And No Facula

COB LED Fill Lighting Module Can Be Combined Into Different 
   LED Lights Easily

Safe, Work Voltage Is Under 50V
Environment Friendly

Good for Eye, Best Reading Light

Product Usage
●Round Full Lighting Module Is Widely Used For LED BulbLED Cup
  LED Spot LightLED Down LightLED Project Light
  LED Street Lamp And So On
●Flat Full Lighting Module Is Widely Used For LED Tube 
  (Such As T5/T8/T10)
LED Desk LampLED Bulb
LED Hard Bar And So On


TAIWAN WHITE®- cooler than fantasy


Thermal conductive polymers plastic heat sink with excellent heat dissipation,

18pcs - SMD5630 9W
85-265VAC 50/60Hz Isolated Circuit Overload Protection


Base E27

T130109 9W LED Bulb Color:2500K Yellow  or White  6000K
Base E27 Bulb TaiwanWhite®
Heat conduction Plastic 900Lm
Dia.60x125mm Interior Indoor


Item Power Size SMD color Lm/W Warm White Cool White
T130109 9W 60x125 5730 standard 900Lm  
T130112 12W 70x120 5730 standard 1100Lm    



Taiwan White® Long life
Item:T3060125 Taiwan White 9W LED Bulb light
Size :Dia. 60mm L125mm

SMD5630:0.5W_45—50Lm_Current 150mA_3.2—5.3V
Color Temperature:Warm White(2500—3200K) Cool White(6000~6500K)
Operation Voltage85~265VAC (110V/220V 50Hz/60Hz)
Power Factor
Power Consumption9W±10% 
Lighting Angle180
Lumen:900±10% Lm
Work Temperature:-20℃~40℃
Base type: E27

•Life time: 30000H
•Brightness Degradation:<3% 1000hours
•Use high lumen SMD 5630-5730
•Engineering plastic housing K=1.3W/m-K thermal conductive polymer
•CE UL94-V0 & RoHS

1.Longer life
2.High luminous efficiency
3.Pure light color
5.Radiation safe
6.No flickering light
7.Low heat generation
8.Completly replace the incandescent bulb

Taiwan White 12W LED Bulb power consumption 10W/hour
Traditional T3 Fluorescent Twist Light Bulb average power consumption 23W
A Taiwan White 12W Bulb light can save 11W =
Electric power bill save US$11.39 per year

(23W-10W)x24 hour x365 day(1 Year)/1000=96.36KWH x0.10=US$11.39
Note: Above calculation base US$0.10/KWH power rate and bulb light on 24 hours per day.


As we place a large share of sales Taiwan White LED lights program into 
Taiwan market in the year 2009. 
In our company we follow development trends and supplement
sales program with green paints to strengthen environmental protection and
rational use of resources products, recently we have been developing 
Aluminum Based PCB with SMD5630 chips and COB for new LED lights.
We devote much attention to training and qualification of technical management,
make use of our own production line in Tainan, Taiwan.
TaiwanWhite TaiwanWhite1  TaiwanWhite2 TaiwanWhite-C  TaiwanWhite-C1

TaiwanWhiteT19    TaiwanWhiteXX    TaiwanWhiteT29   TaiwanWhiteT29-1

 TaiwanWhiteT3   TaiwanWhiteT3C

WhiteWall-TireWhite    SolarFanForMetalSheetPlant

Fishing Lights 80000Lm  TaiwanWhiteT19  
TaiwanWhiteXX  TaiwanWhiteT29  
TaiwanWhiteT29-1  TaiwanWahiteT3  E27 COB 
TaiwanWhiteT3  TaiwanWhiteT3C 
WhiteWall-TireWhite  SolarFanForMetalSheetPlant  


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