Car Fire Halon Gas Auto Fire Extinguisher 
Need To Replace Valid
For 20 Years

Aka Halon 1P (700ml) US$99/pc EXW Taiwan
FK-5-1-12 Novec 1230
Refillable 304L Stainless Steel Bottled Total Weight 1.30~1.50Kgs.
Size  11.
8” x 3.0” (H 29.80cm x Diameter 7.60cm)
Capacity1.54 lbs. (0.50-0.70Kgs.)
Weight3.31 lbs. (1.30-1.50Kgs.)
Aka Halon 3P (980gm) US$199/pc EXW Taiwan
FK-5-1-12 Novec 1230
Refillable 304L Stainless Steel Bottled Total Weight 1.65Kgs
Size  13.3” x 3.4” (H 33.80cm x Diameter 8.60cm)
Capacity1.88 lbs. (0.85-1.00Kgs.)
Weight3.36 lbs. (1.65-1.90Kgs.)
Porsche Fire Extinguisher Halon
Extinguisher Agent Pressure Fire Class Capacity Barrel Weight Discharge Time Range Max. Item #
FK-5-1-12 2.8Mpa ABCDF 980ml 304L S.S. 1.80-1.90 Kgs 20 to 30 sec >3M AKA980(3P)
FK-5-1-12 2.8Mpa ABCDF 700ml 304L S.S. 1.30-1.50 Kgs 15 to 25 sec >3M AKA700(1P)

AKA Halon Auto Fire Extinguishing System
700ml,1L, 2L, 3L and 6 L

Automobile automatic fire extinguisher AKA HALON2 fire extinguishing system.
In places prone to fires and in narrow spaces, the AKA HALON2 automatic fire extinguishing system can be installed on the car in advance to quickly and automatically extinguish fires.

The AKA HALON automatic fire extinguisher AKA HALON2 is pre-installed with
a red plastic fire detection tube. When a fire breaks out in the installation pipeline area,
the pipeline there will automatically spray out HALON gas to extinguish the fire immediately
when it ruptures due to high temperature.
Model: FK-5-1-12
Main ingredient: C6F12O
Content capacity: 2L
Type: FK-A51120 clean fire extinguisher
Accumulation pressure: Nitrogen 13.70±0.7kgf/cm²
High pressure hose: 6mm x15 meters
Pressure switch: Euroswitch (1-10Bar optional)
Dimensions: 15.36” x 4.33” (bottle height 39cm x width 11cm x bottle diameter 11cm)

Total weight: 2.70-2.95kg

Injection time: 20 seconds
Spray distance:
3 meters
Hydrostatic test: 28 kgf/cm²
Operating temperature: 0~40℃
Dielectric strength:
Fire-fighting performance: A, B, C, D, F and K
Validity period: 20 years
Production date: marked on the bottom of the s.s. bottle
Manufacturer's name: Mexa Co., Ltd.
Factory registration certificate number: 67-00-3434
Telephone: +886-2-23657700
AKA Halon2
Reflex 1230 Reflex 2 ReflexOFeu brand new unit Novec 1230 (Pressurized) 2Kg
The AKA HALON2 red plastic fire detection tube is pre-arranged to automatically
extinguish the fire in 3 seconds in case of fire.

Suitable for battery stations, battery swap stations, charging piles, charging stations,
battery swap stations, computer rooms, communication rooms,
Transport vehicles,
tanks, warships, missile boats
Centennial Plaque Extinguisher

Auto Fire Extinguisher – AKA Halon 
The car burned, the fire extinguisher was not available on the car, and 
the firetruck failed to arrive in time. Seeing that the car burned out.
The "Red Sea Dragon" automatic fire extinguishing system is installed on 
the car in advance. 
When a fire occurs between the pipes of the fire extinguishing system,
Due to the increase in the temperature of the fire point, the pipeline at 
that location ruptured in high temperature, and H
alon gas fire extinguishing 
agent was sprayed out to extinguish the fire.
AKA Halon FK-5-1-12 is a new type of environmentally friendly, efficient and 
fire extinguishing agent, used to replace Halon, AKA Halon FK-5-1-12 
does not damage electronic equipment, is non-corrosive, non-conductive, 
clean and has no
After use, there will be no foam or powder fire extinguishing agent, and 
the miserable state after use can quickly resume work and
continue to 
implement current affairs, that is, if the car can still start driving after 
AKA Halon
puts out the fire, y
ou can leave the scene and go to the garage.

ODP is 0 
GWP is 1

ALT (0.014 years)

Atmospheric Lastance Time is 5 days  
Harmless to humans, animals and animals And it is liquid under normal 
temperature and pressure, which will not burn or explode, and it is very 
convenient for transportation and storage.
AKA Halon FK-5-1-12 can be used in computer rooms, communication 
rooms, engines, ships, cruise ships, ships, aerospace, aircraft, 
supercars, automobiles, school buses, buses, tour buses, trucks, 
transportation vehicles, museums
file room,paint room, 
AC power control room, engine turbine room and pump room...etc.


AKA Halon fire detection tube temperature-sensing automatic fire extinguishing device is a simple, reliable, and timely independent fire detection and fire extinguishing device developed in Taiwan in recent years, referred to as "fire detection tube fire extinguishing device". This type of fire extinguishing device 
uses a flexible and bendable fire detection tube as a fire detection and alarm component, and at the same time, this fire detection tube can also be used as a pipeline for the delivery and discharge of the fire extinguishing agent.
The fire detection tube can be conveniently arranged near every potential fire source. 
Once a fire occurs, the fire detection tube is heated and ruptured, and the fire extinguishing agent is immediately released to extinguish the fire.
It can make up 
for the deficiencies of existing fixed gas automatic fire extinguishing devices, 
and is used for fire protection in places where metal pipe networks, nozzles or 
fire alarm systems cannot be installed, especially in small spaces and special environments.

Composition and principle: 
1. Direct fire detection tube fire extinguishing device
It is mainly composed 
of fire extinguishing agent storage containers, container valves, fire detection pipes, pressure gauges, one-way valves,
It is composed of pressure switch, alarm bell (optional accessory) and special joint for fire detection pipe. 
The direct type is the fire detection tube in the fire detection system, which is used as a fire detection component and as a delivery component of the extinguishing agent. That is to say, once the fire detection tube detects a fire, it will directly release the extinguishing agent to extinguish the fire.
Direct fire detection tube fire extinguishing device, mainly used for equipment with a certain enclosure, Such as communication cabinets, power distribution boxes, computer rooms, etc. for fire fighting.

2. Indirect fire detection tube fire extinguishing device Mainly consists of fire extinguishing agent storage container, container valve, fire detection tube, release tube, nozzle, Pressure gauge, one-way valve, pressure switch, alarm bell (optional accessory) and It is composed of special joints for fire detection pipes. The indirect type is the fire detection tube in the fire extinguishing system, which is only used as a fire detection component. When the fire detection tube detects a fire, it will activate the container valve on the fire extinguishing agent storage container, The fire extinguishing agent is delivered by a special fire extinguishing agent release pipe to extinguish the fire. The indirect fire detection tube fire extinguishing device is mainly used to perform local The fire extinguishing method can also be used to extinguish the fire by flooding the entire room.

Device features: As a simple, low-cost and reliable independent automatic fire extinguishing system, It does not need any power supply, no special smoke and temperature detection fire detectors, no complicated electronic equipment and pipelines, and uses its own pressure storage, relying on a charged fire detection tube and a set of fire detection bottle sets to quickly , Accurately and effectively detect and extinguish the fire source, integrate the alarm and extinguishment, and extinguish the fire in the initial stage. It can greatly reduce the cost of fire extinguishing equipment, reduce the amount of fire extinguishing agent, reduce the cost of each fire extinguishing, and reduce the damage to personnel. By adopting this device, the original protection of a larger enclosed space can be changed to directly protect various valuable equipment in a smaller enclosed space. Achieve close-range, point-to-point (fire extinguishing agent spray point and fire point) rapid fire extinguishing.

Applicable places: 
1. The microwave computer room, electronic computer room, transformer and distribution room in the radio and television transmission tower and
Uninterruptible power supply room
2. Program control exchange room, control room and signaling transfer point room of communication system

3. The control room, electronic equipment room, computer room, relay room, cabin of the power plant,
Engine room, engine room, ammunition compartment, ship, tank, train, bus, truck, Tour buses, other transportation vehicles carrying passengers, personnel, and passengers; Substation and distribution room; cable crossing, dense and intermediate joints, etc. 
4. Substation and distribution cabinets, elevator control cabinets, wire and cable troughs or bridges with trough boxes
5. Assembling room with staff, other special places and airtight enclosure or Important cabinet equipm


AKA Halon FK-5-1-12 is harmless to humans, animals and things

AKA Halon FK-5-1-12 has low toxicity and high fire extinguishing efficiency. 
Compared with CO2 and other clean fire extinguishing agents,
AKA Halon
FK-5-1-12 has an 
effective fire extinguishing concentration of 4.5-5.8% or even more than Hailong Halon.
The safety margin is 72-120%.
These features make
AKA Halon FK-5-1-12 can be used in computer rooms, communication rooms, 
engine engines, ships, cruise ships, ships, aerospace, aircraft, automobiles, school buses, trucks,
transportation vehicles, museums, archives,
paint room, AC power control room, engine and pump room...etc. 
AKA Halon
FK-5-1-12 is the best choice for yachts and high-speed ships engine room, engine room, communication, combat situation room... etc. AKA Halon FK-5-1-12 can quickly vaporize after use, 
and is non-corrosive and non-conductive, so it has no damage to precision electronic components, 
radar, navigation and other equipment
AKA Halon
FK-5-1-12 will not have the horrible state of foam or powder fire extinguishing agent after use. 
AKA Halon
FK-5-1-12 has no residue after use, which means it will not affect the continuous 
operation of the current work.

AKA Halon FK-5-1-12 stays in the atmosphere for a short time of about 5 days 
and has an excellent environmental coefficient.













ALT (Atmospheric Lastance Time(per Year)

0.014 About 5 days



Large Safety Margin 
AKA Halon FK-5-1-12 provides a larger safety margin of 72-122% than Halon fire extinguishing agent, when used on ships and aircraft, its effective fire extinguishing concentration of 4.5~5.8% will not exceed the safety level l

Extinguishing agent



Inert gas


Use concentration










Safety margin




Design concentration is equivalent

Since the use concentration of AKA Halon FK-5-1-12 is much lower than the NOAEL concentration, 
the safety margin of
AKA Halon
FK-5-1-12 is the largest compared to other 
fire extinguishing agents. 
AKA Halon FK-5-1-12 is used to extinguish a fire in a confined space, 
it will not put humans, animals and animals in danger.
The engine turbine room, electronic computing center, or other cabins and engine rooms are 
complex in structure, so it is difficult to calculate the remaining space volume, and the 
calculation data of these used spaces is very important for calculating the effective 
fire extinguishing concentration of the fire extinguishing agent.
Because the design concentration of the fire extinguishing agent is calculated based on 
the room space, there are pipes, lines, machines and other obstacles in a very important room, 
so the concentration of the fire extinguishing agent will easily exceed its NOAEL value when used.
Since AKA Halon FK-5-1-12 is liquid at room temperature and the storage pressure is low, 
AKA Halon even in gas cylinders It can be done without being offline. 
The liquid
AKA Halon FK-5-1-12 can efficiently use space and store the same amount of 
fire extinguishing agent. 
AKA Halon
FK-5-1-12 uses the same size of gas cylinder as the Hailong fire extinguishing agent. 
AKA Haion FK-5-1-12 is a safe fire extinguishing agent that can be transported by air and 
does not require special safe transport requirements.
AKA Halon FK-5-1-12 fire extinguishing agent is a very clean fire extinguishing material,
which is often used to protect very expensive properties, such as: collections of books, 
documents, artworks, library cultural relics, showcases, archives, computers or

ther exquisite electronic originals. 
FK-5-1-12 was originally designed for people's safety, property protection,
fire fighting and environmental considerations.

Due to the key nature of
FK-5-1-12, people redefine the definition of 
"sustainable and rapid recovery of previous work" for clean fire extinguishing agents:
ODP is 0 

GWP is 1

ALT (0.014 years)

Lastance Time
is 5 days

It is harmless to humans, animals and animals, as a clean fire extinguishing agent,

AKA Halon
FK-5-1-12 for protection.
There are many advantages to precious property. 
According to the definition of clean fire extinguishing agent, there will be no residue after 
use and it will not conduct electricity. After use, clean fire extinguishing agent will not 
destroy precision parts or affect the operation of sensitive electronic components.
Water sprinklers and spray systems can effectively extinguish structural fires, but water 
can cause damage to fragile and irreplaceable things.
Although the dry powder fire extinguishing system avoids the above-mentioned problems, 
it has a large amount of solid residue, which is difficult to clean, and can cause damage to 
precision equipment, hard disk drives, and electronic media.
Because the ODP of
AKA Halon FK-5-1-12 is 0, the lower GWP is 1, and the nature of the 
shorter atmospheric retention time,
AKA Halon FK-5-1-12 is the first alternative that can 
completely replace the Ha
fire extinguishing agent. It can provide feasible, long-term 
and sustainable protection for some places with special dangers.

1.  AKA Halon fire extinguishing agent FK-5-1-12 is the guardian of the earth's environment. 
Ozone depletion potential ODP = 0
The global warming potential GWP is only 1
It is currently the most environmentally friendly fire extinguishing agent in the world.
It is 1/3800 of heptafluoropropane, and the ALT stay in the atmosphere is 5 days. 
It is a veritable green fire extinguishing agent.

2. AKA Halon fire extinguishing agent FK-5-1-12 has high fire extinguishing efficiency, 
and the fire extinguishing concentration is 4.5% for class B fire.
The safety is good. It can be seen that the concentration of harmful effects NOAEL is 10%, 
which is greater than 72~122% of its fire-extinguishing concentration.
Advantages such as safe use;

3. AKA Halon fire extinguisher is also the protector of various electronic and 
electrical equipment. 
FK-5-1-12 fire extinguishing agent has
Excellent electrical insulation performance, 
passed the 110KV test.
FK-5-1-12 fire extinguishing agent not only ensure fire 
extinguishing efficiency, but also meet the requirements of safety in use and 
environmental protection.
AKA Halon ernments around the world and the international fire protection industry.

In terms of safety, AKA Halon toxicity safety margin is as high as 67~150%, 
which means that it is safer to the human body during use. 
It has been approved by the US Environmental Protection Agency and 
can be used in situations where people are present.
AKA Halon is currently the most perfect substitute for Halon
Its excellent fire extinguishing performance 
AKA Halon and environmental friendliness determine its wide application prospects 
in many important places, such as: manned communication room, computer and 
electrical control room, chemical dangerous goods
Cargo compartments, vehicle 
cockpits and engine compartments, power cabins of aircraft and ships, etc.

AKA Halon FK-5-1-12 is a colorless, transparent and insulating liquid at room temperature. 
It is an environmentally friendly and clean new fire extinguishing agent.
AKA Halon FK-5-1-12 has been listed in 
ISO14520-2006 "Physical Characteristics and System Design of Gas Fire Extinguishing System",
In standard documents such as NFPA2001 "Code for Design of Clean Gas Fire Extinguishing System", 
the application design of this product has been specified.
AKA Halon fire extinguishing agent is a new type of Halon fire extinguishing agent substitute. 
The fire extinguishing agent has excellent environmental performance and low toxicity characteristics. 
It has comprehensive performances such as high fire fighting efficiency, environmental 
protection and cleanness, safe use, and no damage to electronic precision equipment.
AKA Halon
FK-5-1-12 clean fire extinguishing agent has good environmental protection 
characteristics and has no destructive effect on the ozone layer. 

The ODP is 0, 
The global warming coefficient GWP is 1, and 
The survival life in the
Atmospheric Lastance Time (ALT) is 0.014 years.

It is better than the widely used alternative Halon fire extinguishing agent 
(heptafluoropropane HFC-227ea, HFC-236fa) and so on.
The ODP value of these fluoroalkane fire extinguishing agents is 0, 
but their GWP value is relatively large.
It is 3800 times that of FK-5-1-12 which has a negative effect on global warming 
and climate change.
The environmental performance of
AKA Halon FK-5-1-12 fire extinguishing agent 
meets the requirements of European and American environmental protection regulations.

AKA Halon
FK-5-1-12 fire extinguishing agent has excellent fire extinguishing performance, 
and its fire extinguishing concentration:
The extinguishing concentration of Class A fire is 3.5%,
The fire extinguishing concentration of Class B fire is 4.5
which is the closest to the performance of Hailong fire extinguishing agent, 
and is much smaller than other fluoroalkane sealong alternatives 
(5 for Halon 1301; 7.5-8.7 for HFC-227ea; 30-75 for CO2).
AKA Halon FK-5-1-12 fire extinguishing agent can extinguish fires of Class A, B and C. 
It is non-conductive and vaporizes quickly after spraying, leaving no residue.


External materialStainless steel explosion-proof high pressure seamless steel cylinder
Internal padding
Start conditions: electromagnetic start/mechanical emergency/manual start Response time: <8 seconds

Extinguishing type: Class A, B, C fire

Physical quantity

Numerical value



Release pattern


Work pressure


Operating temperature

0 -49

Extinguishing concentration

4.50 %

Detecting tube length


Fluid dynamic viscosity (0℃ /25℃), centistokes (torks)


Critical temperature


Critical pressure Bar


Critical volume cc/mole 494.5
Critical density kg/m³ 639.1
The solubility weight ratio of water at 25℃ in FK-5-1-12 <0.001
25℃ steam pressure 25℃ bar(psia) 0.405.87
Insulation strength 25℃ N2=1 kv 2.3at
AKA Halon FK-5-1-12 is environmentally friendly:


Inert gas



























ODP: ozone depletion potential 
GWP: Global Warming Potential
Atmospheric Lastance Time (per /Year)

The safety of AKA Halon FK-5-1-12 to human body:






Boiling Point ℃





Extinguishing concentration










Safety Value



  Designed concentration higher than NOAEL, easy to lethal


NOAELNon-Observed Adverse Effect Level


AKA Halon
CAS Number756-13-8

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