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AKA Halon FK-5-1-12_Novec1230
Fire Extinguisher Manufacturer
Stainless Steel 304L Bottled
Hand-Held Fire Extinguisher

AKA pilot 

Aka Halon 1L (980ml) US$99/pc EXW Taiwan
FK-5-1-12 Novec 1230
Refillable 304L Stainless Steel Bottled Total Weight 1.65 KGS

Extinguisher Agent Pressure Fire Class Capacity Barrel Weight Discharge Time Range Max. Item #
FK-5-1-12 2.8Mpa ABCDF 980ml 304L S.S. 0.90-1.10 Kgs 15 to 25 sec >3M AKA980(1L)
Fire extinguishers AKA Halon FK-5-1-12_Novec1230 for boat ship yacht vessel
general aviation aircraft.
Sailing and Flying with a good fire extinguisher is essential, but one thing is for sure:
regular household extinguishers are not suitable for aviation use.
A water or carbon dioxide agent can damage your avionics, corrode the airframe,
or create unsafe conditions in the cockpit.
For that reason, we recommend very specific types of fire extinguishers for
general aviation pilots—halon or AKA Halon

AKA980 13.3”x3.4” Capacity 1.88 lbs. Total Weight 3.63 lbs.
AKA Halon fire extinguishers are perfect for the captain and cockpit.
AKA Halon leaves no residue, doesn't corrode expensive avionics or
other aircraft parts, doesn't impair vision and doesn't freeze surfaces.

AKA Halon (GAS FK-5-1-12) clean extinguishing agent has good environmental harmony,
It’s Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP) is 0, 
Global Warming Potential (GWP) <1.0, and 
the Atmospheric life Time (ALT) is 0.014 year

Fire Extinguisher
Driving Gas
Extinguisher AgentFK-5-1-12
Discharge Times30sec.
Range 5M
Size  13.3” x 3.4” (H 33.80cm x Diameter 8.60cm)
Capacity1.88 lbs. (0.85-1.00Kgs.)
Weight:  3.36 lbs. (1.65-1.90Kgs.)
Fire ClassABCDEF(K)
Breakdown Voltage74.6KV/mm
Validity Period : 20 years


Results of toxicity test of AKA Halon (FK-5-1-12)

Test item

Test result

4-hour acute inhalation

Almost no toxicity (LC50100000ppm)


No carcinogenicity

Acute oral

Low (LD505000mg/kg)

Acute dermal

Low (LD502000mg/kg)

Irritation to eyes

No irritation

Irritation to skin

No irritation

Allergy to skin

Non-skin sensitizer  

Chromosome aberration


From the above it is clear that AKA Halon (FK-5-1-12) extinguishing agent ensures
the extinguishing efficiency, meets the requirements on use safety, is almost harmless to human body,
and is much suitable for extinguishing and protection of the person-residing place.

From Class A to F, AKA Halon works on all fire types
Different types of fires require different methods of extinguishment,
and using the wrong type of extinguisher on a fire can make the fire worse.

AKA Halon Novec 1230 FK-5-1-12 can be used on ALL fire classes,
keeping your home, business, and loved ones safe.

Quality specification




Acidity /as HCI/PPM

Non-volatile Residue (%) 

Suspended Matter or Sediment 

AKA Halon








Extinguisher Agent Pressure Fire Class Capacity Barrel Weight Discharge Time Range Max. Item #
AKA Halon 2.8Mpa ABCDF 980ml 304L S.S. 0.90-1.10 Kgs 15 to 25 sec >5M AKA980
AKA Halon 2.8Mpa ABCDF 2000ml 304L S.S. 3.00-3.25 Kgs 30 to 40 sec >5M AKA2000
AKA Halon 2.8Mpa ABCDF 3000ml 304L S.S. 4.50-4.90 Kgs 45 to 60 sec >5M AKA3000
AKA980 Each US$99/pc EXW Taiwan
Via UPS Worldwide Expedited 7-20days Door To Door Service
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FK-5-1-12 AKA Halon Similar To 3M Novec1230

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