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Autopure Spinning wheel cover and wheel kitURBANxSpinning Wheels  Uro Dub-THE BEST WAY TO SPIN

We Specialize in Factory
ABS/PC-ABS/PP Engineering Plastic Wheel Covers
Hubcap - Wheel Cover - Tapa de Rueda
12"=13.50", 13"=14.60", 14"=15.60" ,15"=16.60", 16"=17.48" and 17"=18.98" LOOK

Autopure® 2000 series

Autopure® 9000 series

Dense pack - nested style EurolinE® hubcap

Autopure® Spinning Wheel cover and Spinning Kit

Autopure® Non Spins - Not Rotating -Stay Still hubcap - Advertising hubcap - Media wheel kit

Autopure 9000 series wheel cover


C Series (
Covering All Applications

Triple Chrome/Nickel Plated (Not Aluminum Sputtered)
BBS TURBOFAN    EurolinE® Hubcap   Traditional Wheel Cover
Spinning Wheel Cover
Spinner Wheel   Football Hubcap
Steel Wheel-Replica         Stainless Steel Trim Ring     22.5"HUBCAP
CapAd not rotating hubcap
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MEXA CO., LTD.  (Since 1979)
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Office: 3F., No. 128 Ku Ling Street (GuLing Street), Taipei 100, Taiwan, R.O.C.

Factory :No. 66 Gong Ming 2nd Road, Tsun Tou Liau Industry Area, Tainan 709, Taiwan Tel.09-1019-6666    FACTORY MAP  


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