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Fire Extinguisher
3L 10P

Fire Extinguisher Water-based
Fire Extinguisher Water Type

Fire Extinguisher 304L stainless steel bottled

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In the early stage of a fire, Water Halon can effectively suppress the fire source
to prevent the fire and cause losses.
Small and lightweight, suitable for use in vehicles, machine rooms, homes,
kitchens and electrical boxes.

In the early stage of fire car, quickly extinguish the fire source, super cars,
cars, buses, trucks, RVs, camping car, tourist car, kindergarten car, tandem car
, school...
 the best indispensable
and safe tool for the kitchen.

The jetting capacity of 5 meters ensures a safe distance from the fire source.
The jetting is like water, does not produce smoke and dust, does not block the line of sight,
does not conduct electricity ≦36KV/mm, quickly extinguishes fire and is easy to clean.

Water Halon use (97% pure drinking water + 3% S-3-AB fire extinguishing agent) non-toxic,
The stainless steel bottle is resistant to high pressure (deformation pressure 8Mpa).
When the water Halon fire extinguisher is sprayed, it is in the form of water mist,
which instantly evaporates a large amount of heat
in the fire field and reduces the temperature.

Suppress heat radiation, surfactants can quickly form a water film on the surface
of the burning material to isolate oxygen, reduce the temperature rapidly to
achieve the purpose of rapid fire extinguishing.
Water Halon fire extinguisher is environmentally friendly, non-toxic,
easy to clean up after extinguishing and the agent can be 100% degraded.

Will not pollute the sprayed objects and the surrounding environment.
Efficient flame retardant, strong re-ignition resistance, high permeability and
fast fire extinguishing speed.

Brand: Water Halon
Model: S-3-AB900
Type: Portable
fire extinguisher
Extinguisher: Water fire extinguisher

Mechanism: Accumulator typ
Dimensions: Dia. 130mm x H 450mm x W 130mm
Medicine weight (capacity):
Total weight:
4.85 kg
Accumulation Pressure: 13.71kgf/cm2

Gas volume for pressurization: Nitrogen
Container material: Stainless steel
Fire extinguishing efficiency value: 2A, 1B, C, F
Spray time: more than
40 seconds
Spray distance: 5 meters or more
Safety valve actuation pressure: less than 20kgf/cm2
Operating temperature range: 0 oC ~55oC
Electrical insulation performance: 36kV/mm
Scope of application: Class A, B, C, and F fires
PFOS , PFOA Not Detected
No Toxin LD50 >5,000mg/kg body weight

230826-1 230826-2

Extinguisher Agent Pressure Fire Class Capacity Barrel Weight Discharge Time Range Max. Item #
Water+ S-3-AB 2.8Mpa A1B1C 980ml 304L S.S. 0.90-1.10 Kgs 15 to 25 sec >5M WA980
Water+ S-3-AB 2.8Mpa A2B1C 2000ml 304L S.S. 3.00-3.25 Kgs 30 to 40 sec >5M WA2000
Water+ S-3-AB 2.8Mpa A2B1C 3000ml 304L S.S. 4.50-4.90 Kgs 45 to 60 sec >5M WA3000


3P 980gm
Fire Extinguisher Water Halon 980 Economic For The Car Auto Fire Extinguisher -
Stainless Steel Bottle (WA980)
Size  13.3” x 3.4” (H 33.80cm x Diameter 8.60cm)
Capacity1.88 lbs. (0.85-1.00Kgs.)
Weight3.36 lbs. (1.65-1.90Kgs.)

Small enough 980ml to stash in even the most compact cars, the Water Halon 980 Auto Fire Extinguisher is
water base fire extinguisher to handle fires common in cars, such as plastic, oil, grease or electrical blazes.
Will work on all kinds of fires, trash, wood, and paper, flammable liquids and electrical blazes.

Water Halon 980 is about 13-inches tall, the size of a 1-liter stainless steel bottle and
small enough to stash in a trunk, in some larger glove compartments or even under seats.
Owners who have had to use it said it put out small automotive fires quickly and easily.
It comes with a pressure gauge and a mount engineered to provide additional stability in a car.
Note that like many other auto-specific fire extinguishers,
Water Halon 980 is refillable. It comes with a six-year warranty.

5P 2000gm
Fire Extinguisher Water Halon 2L For All Kinds Of Fire - Stainless Steel Bottle (WA2000)

Water Halon 2L is long-lasting and reliable, and a perfect size for general home use.
This is a chemical fire extinguisher that will work on all kinds of fires: trash, wood, and paper,
flammable liquids, and electrical blazes.
It weighs 8 pounds, has 5 pounds of S-3-AB fire extinguishing agent.

The Water Halon 2L has stainless steel overall, forged C6801 valves and comes
with a wall mount and a pressure gauge.
Reviewers like that unlike many home fire extinguishers, this one is refillable.
They also say that its 40-second discharge is enough to put out substantial household blazes,
at about 17 inches tall, with a quick release frame stand is able to
fit in a cabinet or in other tight storage spaces.
The stainless steel handle and trigger also earns a lot of praise for sturdiness and
durability compared to cheaper plastic versions. It comes with a
six-year warranty.

10P 3000gm
Fire Extinguisher Water Halon 3L For All Kinds Of Fire - Stainless Steel Bottle (WA3000)

Water Halon 3L is very similar to the Water Halon 2L, it weighs 10 pounds,
has 7 pounds of S-3-AB fire extinguishing agent.
Like the Water Halon 2L it is also a chemical fire extinguisher that can handle all types of blazes,
whether they are conventional, liquid, or electrical fires.

Water Halon 3L is refillable and comes with a wall mount and a pressure gauge.
Discharge time is 45 to 50 seconds, and spray distance is greater than 16 feet.
It is about an inch taller than the Water Halon 2L but a few inches narrower, so it won't take up too much space.
Reviewers like the sturdy stainless steel trigger and say the unit feels durable.
Those who've had to use this extinguisher say it did its job well, but potential buyers should also note that
Water Halon has been plagued by a significant number of fire-extinguisher recalls in recent years.
It comes with a
six-year limited warranty.

From Class A to F,  Water Halon works on all fire types
Different types of fires require different methods of extinguishment,
and using the wrong type of extinguisher on a fire can make the fire worse.

Water Halon regenerative and unparalleled formula can be used on ALL fire classes,
keeping your home, business, and loved ones safe.

230826-1 230826-2

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In addition to providing fire extinguisher products
Also offers machines for the production of fire extinguishers, automatic filling of
fire extinguishing agents and pressurized gas


OEM Production Of Customer's Own Brand Products

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